Explore Kuching in this New Norm

With the new norm kicking in, that does not mean you can’t explore the streets of Kuching and its hidden treasures around the city. As long as you follow the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) accordingly, then you’re good to go!

Scenic Waterfront

Waterfront is not a foreign name when you’re in Kuching. Overlooking the Sarawak River with its scenic views of the city will make you want to stay a little while longer. Here’s a fun fact, take a stroll around the Waterfront and you’ll see 12 different motifs on the pathway. Each motif represents the diverse ethnics in Sarawak. Go up the Darul Hana bridge (a.k.a. The S bridge) and witness the majestic view of Kuching city be it day or night, you will not be disappointed! 

p/s Make sure to avoid crowded areas and remember to practise social distancing!

Art in Cat City

Besides culture and heritage, Kuching’s art scene is also blooming as time goes by. The streets of Kuching are filled with art murals that represent Sarawak in different aspects. From culture to national treasures, our talented local artists express their creativity onto bare walls that goes beyond our imagination while carrying a heartfelt meaning. 

When Old Meets New

Travel back in time when you walk through Main Bazaar and Carpenter Street. Lined with shops that are run by generations and newly modified ones that liven up the area even more. Along the street you’ll find souvenir shops, quirky cafes, boutiques and also tin making shops. Main Bazaar and Carpenter Street is also a food haven where you can find lots of local cuisines and for those who enjoy cafe hopping, you’re in for a treat as you can find various cafe concepts that are to your liking. 

Textile Galore

Feast your eyes on the beautiful textiles and fabrics at India Street where you will definitely be spoilt for choice. Some of the shops have been operating for more than a decade and are still standing to this very day. India Street is also a meeting point for the various races in Sarawak such as Malay, Chinese, Indian, and the native people of Borneo. 

Yes we get it, you can’t wait to get your hands on those beautiful fabrics and textiles, but remember to sanitize your hands before and after you touch them!

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