1. Implementation by Respective Agencies.
  2. Project Commencement / Delay.
  3. Promotion and Visibility.


  1. Report Physical Progress.
  2. Report Financial Progress.
  3. Issues and Challenges Coordination and Engagement.
  4. Steering Committee.
  5. Performance Review.
  6. RMK-11
    Guidelines and Policy.
  7. Strategic Plan.
  8. Formulation and Updating of The OKSHe Master Plan.


  1. Administration.
  2. Direction.
  3. Coordination.
  4. Supervision of All Financial Functions and Operations.


  1. To Promote The Old Kuching Smart Heritage Initiative And Objective.
  2. To Strategize The Project/Programme Of Old Kuching Smart Heritage.
  3. To Plan, Design, Coordinate The Master List For Old Kuching Smart Heritage Components.
  4. To Coordinate, Monitor And Revise Project/Programme Implementation Implemented By Agencies.


Members :

Minister of Tourism, Art, Culture, Youth and Sport
Minister of Local Government and Housing
Sarawak State Secretary
State Attorney-General
State Financial Secretary
Mayor, Kuching North City Hall
Mayor, Kuching South City Council

Secretary :

Deputy State Secretary (PSDT)

Roles & Responsibility :

1. Provides clear concepts, advice and perspective to the initiative on its policies, programs and services.
2. Endorse, terminate and advice project proposal and budget under the initiative.
3. Oversee the progress of initiatives/projects per component.
4. Facilitate and support in the development of Old Kuching Heritage project.
5. Responsible for legislative and governance functions related to each component, establishment, review and project amendments.

Roles & Responsibility :

1. To act as an intermediary between the committee, component and strategic thrust leader, linking across components on issues relevant to committee work.
2. Ensure the committee is informed about the latest updates from the initiatives/projects.
3. To develop agendas in cooperation with the agencies and component leaders for distribution.
4. To incorporate input from the advisory committee into on-going project where appropriate (e.g. projects, staff updates, publication).

Roles & Responsibility :

1. Maintaining and monitoring project plans, project schedules, work hours, budgets and expenditures.
2. Organizing, attending and participating in stakeholder meetings.
3. Documenting and following up on important actions and decisions from meetings.
4. Preparing necessary presentation materials for meetings.
5. Ensuring project deadlines are met.
6. Determining project changes.
7. Providing administrative support as needed.
8. Undertaking project tasks as required.
9. Developing project strategies.
10. Ensuring projects adhere to frameworks and all documentation is maintained appropriately for each project.
11. Assess project risks and issues and provide solutions where applicable.
12. Ensure stakeholder views are managed towards the best solution.
13. Chair and facilitate meetings where appropriate and distribute minutes to all project team members.
14. Create a project management calendar for fulfilling each goal and objective.

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